Our voluminous serving basket mimics a perfectly shaped cloud in a clear sky, and can carry your loftiest of dreams.


It’s in our playful nature to dream of new materials at Maison Balzac!

Charmed by the innovative use of papier-mâché to sculpt fluted and decorative platters in 19th century Napoleonic France, we have revisited this romantic, delicate character through a modern and sustainable material - bamboo PLA.
Practical yet unpretentious.

The feather-light yet unbreakable nature of this material makes it très versatile. Perfect for your picnic, dinner party or beach day!


Each piece has been cleverly designed to compliment the collection. We encourage you to mix and match tableware and fragrance with no consideration other than your own pleasure.

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Grand Soleil Coupes | Pink


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L'Escargot Baguette Basket


Bordeaux Wine Decanter



Colour: Sky.
Also available in Beige.

Dimensions: width 37.6cm, height 27.8cm.
Made from Bamboo PLA.

Bamboo PLA is a lightweight, durable material with a soft, matte textured finish. It is plant based and biodegradable if buried in certain conditions (such as wet soil for 3-5 years). Normal use will not biodegrade this piece.

All Maison Balzac bamboo pieces are sustainably made with bamboo from FSC certified sources, making them eco-friendly, renewable and sustainable additions to your home. They do not contain plasticizers or chemical agents.

This piece is FDA and LFGB food safety certified.

Suitable for indoor & (especially!) outdoor use.


Although all Maison Balzac bamboo pieces are dishwasher safe on the top rack, we recommend a gentle hand wash in warm soapy water as this is a precious piece! For more stubborn stains, a light scrubbing with a cream cleanser will suffice.

Do not place in the oven. This piece is suitable for the microwave on medium for no longer than 5 minutes. Do not exceed temperatures of 120 degrees celsius.
This piece can come into contact with sauces, vinegars etc but we recommend not to use it for food products that contain dark or rich pigments as this may stain.

Take care not to bump the platter against hard surfaces or other vessels during use or cleaning.